Torchwood: Meet Oswald

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Coming just days after the last major cast announcement is news that American actor Bill Pullman has been cast as Oswald Jones in Torchwood: The New World.

Bill Pullman is known predominately for his film work (The Killer Inside Me, Independence Day) although he starred in American TV series Law & Order.

Pullman’s character Oswald is described as “a dangerously clever convicted murderer who escapes his lifelong prison sentence on a technicality and quickly becomes a media sensation. Genuinely repentant yet boiling with lust and rage, Oswald gets caught up in a terrifying worldwide crisis.” In other words, he isn’t a very nice person and most likely a villain.

Oswald joins other regulars Jack (John Barrowman), Gwen (Eve Myles) and Rex (Mekhi Phifer) in the series airing Summer 2011.

Source: Deadline