Torchwood / Doctor Who Crossover?

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With Series 4 of Torchwood now filming in America, fans have been wondering if that meant the end to any potential Doctor Who crossovers.

Russell T Davies was asked about it at the TCA Winter Press Tour and had this to say on the matter: “There’s fewer references to [Doctor Who], let’s be honest, because we are making a show out here, they are making a show in Britain.

“It’s quite difficult to coordinate any sort of crossover. Neither would you want to because both shows have a fantastic identity of their own. But for those fans who like that sort of stuff, it’s still absolutely faithful, and [if] you get the odd little moment, it will satisfy on that level.”

While it seems extremely unlikely we’ll see the Doctor appearing in Torchwood, there is still the possibility of Jack showing up in Doctor Who one day.

In an interview last year Davies said: “Steven [Moffat] said he’d love to see Jack in Doctor Who. So if Steven says that, Steven will make it happen, I would think. That’s not inside information, but I bet one day it will happen. I’d love to see it. It would be marvelous.”

What do you think? Do you want Jack back?