Top 5 Writers You Want to Return for Series 8

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Last week, Doctor Who TV asked you to vote for the writers you’d like to see back for Series 8 in 2014 (excluding Steven Moffat). The votes have now been collected and we can now present the top 5 (complete results can be found at the end).

 Top 5

5. Richard Curtis

Curtis only wrote one episode, but 2010’s Vincent and the Doctor quickly became a fan favourite explaining his high placing on the list with 6.94% of the overall vote.


4. Toby Whithouse

Whithouse has provided a solid line-up of episodes since 2006, culminating with A Town Called Mercy last year. He takes fourth place with 7.07% of the overall vote.


3. Mark Gatiss

Despite a mixed reception to many of his episodes, Gatiss nevertheless did well enough to earn himself a third placing with 8.55% of the overall vote.


2. Russell T Davies

The former Head Writer and the man who brought Doctor Who back on to our screens in 2005 was your second choice with 12.52% of the overall vote. Moffat has stated that he invites Davies back every year, so maybe Series 8 will be the time he finally takes him up on the offer?


1. Neil Gaiman

Gaiman’s more recent episode, Nightmare in Silver, wasn’t as well-received as his popular debut story, The Doctor’s Wife, but he was still able to secure the top spot with 15.06% of the overall vote.


Complete results: show