Top 10 Series 6 Moments So Far

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Last week we asked you to vote for your favourite moments of Series 6 so far. Thousands voted and you can now see the results in the video below.

  • 10. River’s poem (A Good Man Goes to War)
  • 9. The Doctor meets ganger Doctor (The Almost People)
  • 8. The Doctor vs House (The Doctor’s Wife)
  • 7. Amy is revealed to be a ganger (The Almost People)
  • 6. River vs The Silence (Day of the Moon)
  • 5. The Doctor is killed (The Impossible Astronaut)
  • 4. Rory vs The Cybermen (A Good Man Goes to War)
  • 3. The little girl regenerates (Day of the Moon)
  • 2. River reveals she’s Amy’s daughter (A Good Man Goes to War)
  • 1. The Doctor and Idris say goodbye and hello (The Doctor’s Wife)