Top 10 New Who Episodes That Should Have Been Two-Parters (10-6)

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Guest contributor Owen Davies counts down the episodes that could have used an extra part.

In the eight-year history of Doctor Who’s revived series, we have been treated to many fantastic episodes. However, we have also had some episodes that haven’t quite lived up to their full potential. Here are my top 10 episodes that could have used an extra part to really shine. This list is ranked based on how much I liked the episode, regardless of how much better it could have been and how much it would have benefited from another part.

10. The Angels Take Manhattan

angels-take-manhattan-promo-c-(2)This episode was pretty good, even with only one part, which is why it is only at the number ten spot. The reason it is on this list at all is because I think the Ponds deserved a grander goodbye.

Now, Amy and Rory (Rory especially) were never my favourite companions but by the time this episode came around, I was fairly attached to them and, dare I say it, actually quite liked them. And while this episode did still have me blubbing at the conclusion, it could have been a lot more and ended up feeling quite rushed for me. Amy saying goodbye to the Doctor felt a bit rushed and Rory doesn’t even get a final farewell, unless you count the ‘P.S.’ short.

And was it just me or could the Doctor just have gone back to something like two years after they had been transported back and picked them up?

Where Part 1 could have ended: Just as aged Rory is discovered and the Angels begin to close in.

9. The End of the World

The End of the WorldThe End of the World was Rose’s first adventure in the TARDIS and was the Doctor trying to show off the wonders of the universe to his new companion. But that’s all it felt like. Doctor Who Confidential admitted that it was a deliberately expensive affair to show off what New Who could do. The underlying murder mystery plot fell a bit flat, as it was a bit rushed. This episode could have benefited from a second part to keep the mystery going and even add a bit more tension to the episode.

Where Part 1 could have ended: When the sun-filter is beginning to close on Rose.

8. The Name of the Doctor

the name of the doctor promo batch b (29)This one is at number eight because its ending was pretty jaw-dropping and made up for a lot of the flaws of the episode.

I think this one could have used another part because, as I have heard mentioned elsewhere, it felt rushed. Think about it. This is the last series before the 50th anniversary and we expect a big, epic finale. I don’t think, apart from the ending, The Name of the Doctor really delivers for me. I think they needed to build up the whole question of ‘Doctor who?’ more throughout the episode. It would have been great to end the first part as the Doctor’s friends are threatened, the Great Intelligence is barking, “DOCTOR WHO?” and the Doctor is really backed into a corner here. That would have been an excellent cliff-hanger. A more detailed description of how the Great Intelligence hindered the Doctor and how Clara helped him would be nice as well. Because, all I see at the moment is her running around after his different incarnations and yelling his name a lot.

Where Part 1 could have ended: With the Whispermen about to attack and the Great Intelligence demanding the Doctor’s name.

7. The Idiot’s Lantern

idiots-lantern-wireThis episode is really close to being very good. First off, the setting is done very well. Gatiss does a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of England during the Coronation and the dysfunctional family sub-plot to this episode is done quite well. You do feel for the Connollys. All of them, even the father at the end, surprisingly enough.

The problem with this episode was that the villain was a bit underdeveloped and (sorry to wheel out this explanation again) the plot was a bit rushed, which resulted in a forgettable episode. Another part might have brought the Connolly’s subplot a bit more development, perhaps even redeeming the father a bit more and connecting it a bit more to the main plot.

Where Part 1 could have ended: As the Doctor discovers Rose has been taken by the Wire and stares at her blank face in the police station.

6. The Curse of the Black Spot

curse siren cole (1)This episode was one that I was actually quite looking forward to. I had always longed to see the Doctor cross swords with pirates in the new series and this episode looked like it would deliver on that.

Sadly, this episode ends up being quite forgettable, with Henry Avery and the Siren being the only memorable characters introduced in this episode. This episode was very disappointing compared to the blockbuster episodes previously. This episode had a very interesting build-up, which kept us guessing at every turn but all was revealed far too quickly. A second part would have helped to build up the mystery more, much like what The End of the World should have done and would have resulted in a more satisfying pay-off.

Where Part 1 could have ended: When Rory drowns or when they arrive aboard the spaceship.

Tune in tomorrow for numbers 5-1 on my list! Which episodes do you think could have been better with another part?