Top 10 Doctor Who Quotes

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Guest contributor Jason lists his top 10 quotes from revived Doctor Who.

He’s had many faces, and more than a few companions, but through it all the Doctor has had an unyielding affection for mankind and we have had a growing fascination and affection for him. The show began in 1963, as we are almost 50 years from that point, the Doctor is still sailing through space and time in a blue police box saving the world weekly (when the show isn’t on hiatus).

Still in the midst of one of those long breaks, I thought it right to highlight some of the best bits from Doctor Who since it’s triumphant return in 2005.

“Run for your life!”

The 9th Doctor gets off to a running start with Rose Tyler as they flee from killer mannequins in the first moments of the re-booted Doctor Who.

(beginning at :04-the end)

“Who has a sonic screwdriver?”

A sonic screwdriver, good at opening doors and also, apparently, good at putting up cabinets.

(beginning at :32-the end)

“Wibbly, Wobbly, Timey, Wimey… stuff”

The Doctor (sorta) explains the complexity of space and time to Sally Sparrow through an intricately embedded recording in the horrifying series 3 episode, ‘Blink’ that featured the first appearance of the terrifying Weeping Angels.


A few Weeping Angels can snuff out the future of one person, but a few Daleks can wipe out a planet. No wonder the Doctor takes notice when he hears the Dalek’s shrill, terrifying war cry.

“A man who never would”

The Doctor has felt an unfathomable amount of pain in his long life, with people he cared about falling away from him. In this clip the, 10th Doctor’s emotions range — his joy boundless as he gazes at a new world with his new daughter, only to see her snuffed out by the one thing the Doctor abhors more than all others, senseless violence.

From tears to wrath, David Tennant grasps a revolver and points it at his daughter’s killer, a man so driven by the war with the Hath that he cannot accept anything else. For a few seconds we don’t entirely know what the Doctor will do, but he eventually pulls back and kneels down, telling Cobb, “I never would” before yelling, in that grand way that Tennant does, that the foundation of the Hath and Humans new society should be built on the “a man who never would”.


“Try to make an Odd laugh”

From darkness to light, we all knew that the 10th Doctor’s time was coming to an end. Here he deals with the end of his song with a bit of whimsy and a pink lei.

“I don’t want to go”

Oh look, we’re back at darkness again. As I said, the time had come and the 10th Doctor stretched it out, saying a proper farewell to all who had been, as the 11th Doctor later said, the best of him. In the end he didn’t want to go and we didn’t want him to.

“Hello, I’m the Doctor”

Matt Smith shines in his first full episode as the Doctor in this rooftop scene as he tells the Atraxi who he is, spooking them and thrilling us.

“Bowties are cool”

Amy Pond, the girl who waited, is surprised to see The Doctor return once again and perhaps equally surprised that his, now trademark, bow tie remains.


“Doctor Who?”

We spent last series wondering how the Doctor would escape death at Lake Silencio, now, as we wait for Series 7, all we can think about is the question, Doctor who?

(1:04-the end)