Tom Baker Would Consider Returning Again

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Have we seen the last of the mysterious Curator? Who knows…

Tom Baker has said that he would consider returning to the show again.

Speaking at the Horror Channel classic season launch [via]: “I turned down The Five Doctors because it wasn’t long since I’d left – I had left Doctor Who because I think I’d run my course. I didn’t want to play 20 per cent of the part. I didn’t fancy being a feed for other Doctors – in fact, it filled me with horror.

“Now, of course, if someone asked me to do a scene with some other Doctors, I think, if they let me tamper with the script, it would probably be quite droll. I would think about that, yes.”

In addition Baker told DS: “I wouldn’t rule anything out. If it was a nice part, with some good lines, I might deign to appear! I greatly admire Capaldi, he’s lovely and apparently he’s a great fan of Doctor Who – he might ask for me!”

Baker also had some interesting words to say about the BBC during his time on the show [via]: “The monsters on Doctor Who were never so amazing as the monsters on the sixth floor of the BBC. There were some improbable looking people there.”

“If someone gave me two wires now and said, ‘You could blow up the BBC’ I’d be tempted.”