Tom Baker on 50th: “I don’t know what they’ll do”

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tom-baker-classicThe legendary Tom Baker claims he knows nothing about what is going to happen in the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

Baker admitted he doesn’t keep up with the show, but he will be making an exception for the big day later this month.

He told BBC News: “I hope it’s going to be terrific. It’s such a landmark. It’ll be a big, emotional thing, but I don’t know what they’ll do – I’ll make an exception and watch that.”

Baker reflected on his time on the show fondly: “It was a great experience. Actors want a big audience, and to be admired and to get applause is one thing, but to be adored is something I recommend.”

“Everywhere I went I was waving like royalty and dishing out 50 pence pieces. “It was so much better than real life. I stayed so long because real life at the time wasn’t so terrific.

“Being Doctor Who, I used to look at the clock and know at half past four we were going to stop rehearsing – and that was a sad moment for me because I wanted to stay in this beautiful, unreal world.”