Time for War

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It’s not long now – the Doctor Who mid-series finale is almost upon us!

Last week’s cliffhanger ending revealed that Amy had actually been a doppelganger, with the real Amy imprisoned and about to give birth. Tonight, the Doctor and Rory gather an army and attempt to rescue her before it’s too late.

River also has a little secret of her own to tell the Doctor. Finally it’s time to find out who she is!

It’s promises be a truly epic end to this half of the series, so don’t miss A Good Man Goes to War at 6.40pm on BBC1.

Catch up with all the latest episode updates including trailers, pics, clips and teasers by clicking here.

Meanwhile, we have the results of last week’s poll to find out what you thought about The Almost People. This episode was much better received than The Rebel Flesh. 62% gave it full marks; 28% rated it good; 8% thought it was average; just 1% rated it poor and another 1% rated it awful.

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Join us again straight after A Good Man Goes to War at 7.30pm to rate again and share your thoughts!