The Universe is Cracked

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The Beast Below Spoilers

The cracks we first saw on Amy’s wall in The Eleventh Hour are now appearing through time and space in other episodes as many suspected they would. The Beast Below took place more than a millennium into the future, and another one has cropped up.

This was at the very end of the The Beast Below on the Starship UK and was almost impossible to miss thanks to the rather obvious ‘HEY LOOK AT THIS’ zoom of the camera

We’d prefer a bit more of a challenge spotting these in future if this becomes a regular occurrence like ‘Bad Wolf’. Anyway let’s compare it to the original in the Eleventh Hour…

The crack on Amy's wall

So are the cracks following Amy and the Doctor? Is this just a sign that the universe cracked like Prisoner Zero said? Or perhaps the Doctor and Amy are causing them, leaving a mark wherever they go…

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