The Time of the Doctor Extended Trailer Breakdown

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“Clara, step away from it!”

A slightly extended version of the snowy forest scene from the first trailer. Hiding in the snow are the Weeping Angels.


One Angel grabs Clara’s foot. How is she going to get out of this one?


Back in space, the TARDIS is being shot at.


Matt’s wig looks like it’s seen better days here.


“Everything ends, Clara…
…sooner than you think”

Stop reminding us Matt! As if it wasn’t difficult enough.


Elsewhere in the trailer we see Clara running with this yellow gadget that she places into the TARDIS console.


Judging by the familiar clothing, this is the aged Doctor who is sculpting a toy.


Are the Silents phoning home? Someone call Spielberg!


Clara: “Change the future”
Doctor: “I can’t.”


We see familiar clips from The God Complex with the Doctor about to enter Room number 11. A room containing his greatest fear (that we never saw). Moffat recently confirmed that they would come back to this.


Tasha Lem: “The Time War will begin anew… The siege of Trenzalore is now begun.”

So Tasha wants to restart the Time War?

The scene is a slightly extended version of one featuring a visibly aged Matt Smith.


A huge explosion has taken place here. Powerful enough to rock the TARDIS…


And the Daleks are blown to smithereens.


Tasha Lem is being projected and she has a friendly message: “This world will burn.”

Well Merry Christmas to you too! So not so friendly after all. Then again this spoilery pic answers a lot!

One week to go…