The Time of the Doctor Extended Trailer Breakdown

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Let’s take an in-depth look at BBC America’s extended trailer for this year’s Christmas special, The Time of the Doctor. Most of the scenes that were in the first trailer have been omitted. We’re only looking at what is new.

Note: This post may include some mild spoilers.


We open with this impressive shot with the TARDIS hovering in space and the Doctor leaning out to answer the phone. Just visible behind him are Dalek ships, a Silurian Ark starship, and what looks like the Byzantium ship.


Doctor: “Hello, the TARDIS.”

We recently saw part of this clip in another trailer, and it’s made to look like Clara is calling the Doctor to ask for help with the Christmas dinner. The Doctor says he is being shot at by Cybermen.


More scenes of villagers in Christmas Town, which is located on Trenzalore.


“Hello, the Oswalds!”

The Doctor introduces himself to the Oswald family. Here is Clara’s father, Dave, now played by James Buller.

In a previous BBC trailer Clara introduces the Doctor as her boyfriend.


Doctor: “Merry Christmas.”


Clara’s gran (Sheila Reid) says to her: “I hope you made a wish.”

Reid previously played Etta in 6th Doctor story Vengeance on Varos, trivia fans.


The Doctor in space again and he’s about to take a bow.


“Is that a new body?,” asks Tasha Lem (Orla Brady), aka Mother Superious of the Papal Mainframe, aka NOT River.

Another old ‘friend’ we’ve never seen until now.


Doctor: “This old thing, please! I’ve been rocking it for centuries.”


Various shots of the Cybermen awakening.


During the following montage of familiar scenes we hear Clara say: “What are you? Why do I keep forgetting you?”

Sounds like Clara is speaking to a Silent.


“The Time Lord has entered the trap.”

We see the Doctor with his trusty Cyberhead. TV listings confirm that this is ‘Handles,’ voiced by comedian Kayvan Novak.


Dalek: “You will die in silence, Doctor”

Silence will fall after all.


This matches with the scene of the Doctor putting on a bit of a show for the Daleks. It ends with a bang.