The Theme – Time for a Change?

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Guest contributor Brayde Wikaira ponders if it’s time for something new.


I want to make this clear: I love the Doctor Who theme. Heck, I think it’s the best television theme tune in the world! From the scary mysterious echoes of 1963, to the bright colourful disco setting of 1983. Murray Gold resurrected the theme with the powerful bass of 2005, and the stormy effects of 2010. However, after 50 years of the same sheet music, I think I can live with a new theme tune.


The question we all ask ourselves when we see a change of direction is “but why?” And rightfully so. We can’t change a certain aspect of it without even having a reasonable purpose. As much as I love the classic “ooooohhhheeewoooooo” 50 years later, its getting a little bit old. Even after the 2008 revision of the theme, I did begin to think to myself, we need a whole new spice. Because the soufflé isn’t the soufflé, the soufflé is the recipe. I think the recipe needs to change. The reason why? Because the theme tune needs to reignite the fire, and start a new trend. 1963 will always be my favorite version, and listening to a remixed tune feels like listening to echoes.


Another question we ask is “how?” How will this new theme tune be as good as the original? Well, first, it would have to be a clean slate. No more copying from the sheet of 1963, but to find something more intoxicating. And no, I don’t mean alcoholic mental music. I mean, something that makes 2014 stand out, something more modern. Though, I’m not much a fan of modern music, okay, maybe I am, but I’d also like to see it go from modern to futuristic. Have a theme tune that inspires the show’s change. Something to propel it into the right direction – that’s what Ron Grainer did. Even though, strictly speaking, he was amazed at his creation when he heard the product. Something for another 50 years.


Well isn’t that the question of the day (reference from a certain webslinger.) I do admit, Murray Gold is a spectacular musician. His works are somewhat dazzling. From Rose’s Theme and Doomsday, to Doctor Forever and This is Gallifrey, from A Dazzling Theme and Vale Decem, to I Am The Doctor to the beautiful Clara theme. His work is ecstatic. Much fans do tend to rub on him about his title songs, but I recall that he always had trouble with the theme song; as it wasn’t his creation. So seeing a new theme song from him might turn out to be a brilliant idea. However, for something as big as this, I’d love to see a huge musician collaboration. Picture Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Thomas Newman, Howard Shore and Murray Gold working together to make one epic Doctor Who theme song – though such a thing is merely a dream. Who ever it is to take on the role, it would have to be well thought out and planned.


So here we are, and one question is this: Does the Doctor Who theme song need changing? I’m guessing most people will say ‘no’ with a small amount saying ‘yes’. Whatever the case, the Doctor Who theme song is still the world’s best theme tune and has been adored by fans all over the world. But times change, and so must we… eventually.

“Everything’s got to end sometime; otherwise nothing would ever get started.” – Matt Smith