The Snowmen Trailer Breakdown

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It looks like the Doctor has kept Amy’s glasses.

The Doctor asks: “What’s your name?”


And finally we have the name officially confirmed. The big question – will she be Clara Oswin?

The man shouts: “WHAT IS THIS?!”

Dr Simeon: “I said I’d feed you. I didn’t say who to.”

It’s hard to make out exactly what the man is being killed by here, but given the monstrous noises it appears there may another creature.

“Listen to me. The snow is feeding off your thoughts.”

“It will build an army of ice…”

Clara makes a run for it.

An intriguing scene here with Simeon seemingly being electrocuted by the mysterious machine from earlier in the trailer.

Guest starring Liz White as a screaming maid. Not her best look.

The children Clara looks after are being chased down the stairs. At the top of the stairs is what looks like the same “thing” that killed the man before.

Clara and the Doctor run away, behind them the titular Snowmen. Notice how these ones don’t appear to be fully formed yet.

And the Snowmen in motion. Unlike the Snowman in Raymond Briggs’ animated classic, these ones don’t look very friendly! According to filming they aren’t made out of regular snow, they’re made of alien snow. Living snow with its own consciousness.

“It will be the last day of humanity on this planet.”

And with this solemn look, that’s the end of the first trailer. If you noticed anything else, leave a comment below.