The Snowmen Rumoured Returning Foe

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Steven Moffat has teased that the Snowmen won’t be the only monster to appear in this year’s Christmas special and the clues to the identity of this foe are adding up.

Spoilerphobes beware. This may contain spoilers!

The current rumour is that classic era enemy The Great Intelligence will be revealed as the main villain. This entity first appeared in 1967 story The Abominable Snowmen and was revealed to be in control of the titular monsters (aka the Yetis).

Now, this is backed-up by a few things. Firstly, an MTV preview of the episode has asterisked out some spoilers. Here’s the clues:

  1. Steven Moffat, who introduced the screening, made us swear, under no circumstances, to reveal anything about *** *** ******.
  2. I can’t tell you anything about the villain, *** ***** ************
  3. I also can’t reveal the mystery surrounding ***** ***** ******

“The Great Intelligence” fits teaser 2 perfectly. You can try and work out the others.

Next, a deleted picture from this year’s special features a London underground tin which could be a cheeky reference to the second story to feature the Yetis and The Great Intelligence (1968’s The Web of Fear). There’s also lettering on the window that looks like “G.I.”

And as some of you will remember, the Yeti have been rumoured to be returning for a while now. We first heard about a potential return back in January.