The Series 6 Finale Verdict

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We have the results of last week’s poll with your verdict on the series finale, The Wedding of River Song. The majority thought it was a fantastic finale, with 69% of those who voted giving full marks. 19% rated it good; 5% thought it was average; just 4% rated it poor; just 3% rated it awful. Overall, the episode was the 6th highest rated of Series 6.

[poll id=”74″]

Looking at all the poll results over the entire series, The Doctor’s Wife held on to the top spot as the highest rated story. The Girl Who Waited was second, with Day of the Moon in third. The lowest scoring of the run was The Curse of the Black Spot.

Your episode rankings highest to lowest:

  1. The Doctor’s Wife
  2. The Girl Who Waited
  3. Day of the Moon
  4. Let’s Kill Hitler
  5. A Good Man Goes to War
  6. The Wedding of River Song
  7. Closing Time
  8. The Impossible Astronaut
  9. The Almost People
  10. The God Complex
  11. The Rebel Flesh
  12. Night Terrors
  13. The Curse of the Black Spot