The Rebel Flesh Story Details

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Some intriguing new plot details on Matthew Graham’s upcoming Doctor Who two-parter – The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People – have emerged.

A Series 6 article in the latest issue of Total Film says: “Shot in various crumbling castles, The Rebel Flesh centres on an acid-mining operation in a 22nd-Century monastery where the dangerous work is done by doppelgangers cloned in a ‘flesh bowl’.”

“Matt Smith’s Doctor and newly-wed co-flyers Amy and Rory gatecrash the party when a TARDIS trip to Whitby gets mysteriously slammed off-course. Then a storm hits and the whole shebang screeches off-piste.”

“The gangers go through stages before they become human-looking, and you see those stages,” says Mark Bonnar, who plays the mining op’s second-in-command Jimmy. “They can be, er… not pretty to look at, you might say!”