The Rebel Flesh & Almost People Preview

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The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People – the two-parter comprising episode 5 and 6 of Series 6 – isn’t airing for a few weeks, but here’s some new details from Doctor Who Magazine.

Episode in a nutshell:

Meet The Flesh. A shimmering pool of gelatinous white matter, threaded with veins like an eyeball. Step into the alcove, strap yourself into the harness, and the Flesh can take your form. You can control the cloned drone like a puppet, performing dangerous tasks without putting yourself in danger.

That’s what’s happening in the monastery where the TARDIS crash-lands. And all things considered, it’s going pretty well. As long as the Flesh doesn’t start having ideas of its own…

Episode quote:

Doctor: “You poured in your personalities, emotions, traits, memories, secrets – everything. You gave them your lives. Human lives are amazing. Are you surprised they ran off with them?”

Other bits:

  • Described as Avatar meets The Thing
  • An old converted monastery is mining acid
  • The Flesh is programmable matter
  • There is a bad, scary monster at the end
  • The Flesh creatures are very scary
  • Amy has a secret
  • Rory is worried about losing Amy
  • These episodes are a pivotal part of this year’s story arc
  • Some whispered words in the second half of the story will have “mind-blowing significance”
  • Huge surprises, including the chance to hear “some voices from the past”
  • Ends on a massive cliffhanger that spin us off into the mid-series finale