The Mystery of Mels

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Many of you will have no doubt noticed the new girl in one of the preview clips released last week, and the recent promo pic.

The character is called Mels (Nina Toussaint-White) and she is introduced in Let’s Kill Hitler.

Spoilers follow:

We get to see the character as a child and as a young adult. In flashback, it is revealed that child Mels (Maya Glace-Green) was a friend of young Amelia Pond (Caitlin Blackwood) and young Rory (Ezekiel Wigglesworth).

Fast forward through the years and she ends up taking a trip in the TARDIS, and shooting it!

Some have wondered if Mels is actually a regeneration of Melody Pond, due to the name. The pic below, taken during filming for Let’s Kill Hitler earlier in the year, might help. On the left we have adult Mels and on the right we have Alex Kingston’s stunt double in a picture. Notice anything familiar?