The Killing Game

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Poor Rory. Not only is he usually treated like the third wheel of the TARDIS crew, but the Doctor Who writing team seem to love killing the poor guy. Or at least having a scene where the audience is lead to believe that he’s dead.

Are you keeping count? Since 2010 we’ve had:

  • Amy’s Choice – Turned into dust / blown up in the TARDIS
  • Cold Blood – Shot by a Silurian
  • The Impossible Astronaut – Seemingly zapped by The Silence (how did he escape that one?)
  • Day of the Moon – Shot by Canton
  • Curse of the Black Spot – Drowned

And yes, while most of these turned out to be fake-out deaths, every time Doctor Who pulls this trick on the viewer, it becomes harder to care. In the end, many fans will be left saying, “Rory’s died again!” which we’re sure was not the emotional response they intended.

Asked about it on Twitter over the weekend, Steven Moffat gave a humorous reply (see image below.)

So what do you think? Is it happening too much? Can you still take Rory being killed seriously?