The Kandy Man Returns

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The seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) meets The Kandy Man

He caused millions of viewers to hide behind the sofa in the late ’80’s and now he’s set to return in what promises to be an epic series finale. Yes, the Kandy Man is coming back!

The Kandy Man, for those unfamiliar, was a monster that featured in a Doctor Who story originally broadcast in 1988 called The Happiness Patrol. The terrifying creation was a homicidal robot resembling Bertie Bassett, and deliciously used sweets to kill its victims.

Steven Moffat said, “The Kandy Man is one of the shows most iconic monsters and I’m thrilled to bring another classic piece of Doctor Who history to modern audiences.”

“We’ve had Daleks, Cybermen and the Master, but nothing can prepare the Doctor for the Kandy Man. There will be allsorts of danger for the Eleventh Doctor to avoid.  He will find himself in some very sticky situations.”