The Impossible Astronaut Time

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Series 6 of Doctor Who finally has a time and date in the UK. According to the Radio Times, The Impossible Astronaut will start at 6pm on Saturday 23rd April. It will finish at 6.45pm.

Doctor Who Confidential returns with a new series and the first episode airs at 7pm on BBC3.

There is no second episode airing on the Sunday as was rumoured.

So, provided there are no interruptions, the schedule for the first half of Series 6 should follow:

1. The Impossible Astronaut – Saturday 23rd April
2. Day of the Moon – Saturday 30th April
3. The Curse of the Black Spot – Saturday 7th May
4. The Doctor’s Wife – Saturday 14th May
5. The Rebel Flesh – Saturday 21st May
6. The Almost People – Saturday 28th May
7. A Good Man goes to War – Saturday 4th June

Even with the shorter episode count, it’ll still be finishing in June. There is also the possibility of Eurovision pulling Doctor Who off the air for a week. Last year we got lucky, but who knows this year.