The Impossible Astronaut Spoilers

Some pretty big spoilers for the opening episodes of Series 6, The Impossible Astronaut and The Day of The Moon, have been revealed via leaked Doctor Who: Monster Invasion battle cards.

Here’s a non-spoiler version of what you find out – a big Doctor reveal; who is in the space suit and what they are up to; why there are tally marks on Amy’s face; details on Canton; and more about the Silence and their plans. If you are sure you want to know that then go ahead and click the spoiler below.

Note: We’ve deliberately held off posting these in an attempt to keep these spoilers out of comments, but with the news spreading across the net like wildfire, we’ve decided it’s time to make a post where spoiler hounds can discuss the latest revelations.

We ask that you keep discussion of these spoilers to the comments below only.

Sorry guys, the powers that be have asked us to remove the images but, here are the key bits:

  • The Stetson-wearing Doctor is actually a future version of the Doctor
  • Amy marks her skin with tally marks each time she sees a Silent monster
  • River Song is a human from Earth
  • Amy is kidnapped by the Silence while investigating Greystark hall
  • The astronaut suit was built by the Silence
  • A mysterious little girl is in the astronaut suit
  • Canton helps the Doctor fight the Silence
  • Could the astronaut spell the end for the Doctor?

Thanks to Oncoming Storm and all the others who sent this in.

Again, please keep discussion of these spoilers to the comments below only.