The Hand of Fear

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A reminder: as a tribute to the late Elisabeth Sladen, tonight BBC4 will begin showing The Hand of Fear. A four-part Doctor Who serial originally broadcast in 1976. This story marked Sladen’s initial departure from Doctor Who and her final story with the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.


When the TARDIS lands in on Earth in a quarry, the Doctor and Sarah are caught in a mining explosion. She is found clutching what appears to be a fossilised hand, buried in 150 million-year-old strata. Analysis shows the hand to be silicon-based and inert, but when Sarah begins to act as if possessed, the Doctor suspects that it may still be alive…


  • Part 1 – Monday 9th May at 7:40pm on BBC4
  • Part 2 – Monday 9th May at 8:05pm on BBC4
  • Part 3 – Tuesday 10th May at 7:40pm on BBC4
  • Part 4 – Tuesday 10th May at 8:05pm on BBC4