The God Complex: More Teasers

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Only a day to go until the premiere of The God Complex, so how about 15 more teasers to ponder over.

  • Some monsters can be as pretty as a picture
  • There’s another Star Trek reference
  • “He’s going to kill us all. How cool is that!”
  • The Doctor gets some alone time with the Minotaur
  • Rory has a way out
  • The Doctor gargles his tea
  • “You think this is hell?”
  • Who would the Doctor fear?
  • The Doctor gets very angry, with good reason
  • “I’m not a ****. I really am **** * *** *** **** * ***”
  • Rory gets a present that he’s always wanted
  • Tron
  • “If you **** into ** ********, tell *** ** ***** *** *** *** sometime.”
  • “What do Time Lords pray to?”
  • There is a body count

If you missed our first 15, head here.