The Girl Who Waited: More Teasers

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Below you will find our next 15 teasers for The Girl Who Waited. Not long now!

  • Rory has trouble with holographic wallpaper
  • The fez gets cheeky mention
  • Rory’s a robot
  • “I do not want to travel with you!”
  • Rory was once in a band, apparently
  • “I’m going to **** **** apart *** ***!”
  • Amy’s old hockey skills come in handy
  • Amy is bringing back the ******** dance
  • “If anyone could beat predestiny, it’s your wife”
  • Who’s been playing Doctors and Nurses?
  • The Doctor says something the 10th Doctor used to say a lot
  • The final action scene is very epic and then…
  • Perhaps it should have been called ‘Rory’s Choice’
  • The phrase, ‘The Doctor always lies’ has never been so true
  • A scene will remind you of Doomsday

If you missed the first 15, head here.