The Girl in the Fireplace Returning?

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Another day, another Doctor Who rumour from the Daily Star. This time they are reporting that The Girl in the Fireplace herself, Sophia Myles, is being lined up for next companion.

This seems to be based on a solitary tweet from Steven Moffat. Earlier in the week, Moffat encouraged everyone to follow the actress saying: “Right EVERY­BODY who follows me, go and follow @SophiaMyles – spin that fireplace. NOW.”

Adding: “I’ll explain later. Or not.”

It’s hardly conclusive. But then Myles began dropping possible hints of her own responding: “Watch this (fire)place,” she said. “The plot thickens…”

While we don’t think Myles is going to be the companion, could a timey wimey return for Madame De Pompadour be on the cards?