The Eternity Clock Due Late May

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UPDATE: The official twitter page has confirmed The Eternity Clock will be released globally for PS3 on the 23rd May via PlayStation Network. The PS3 UK retail version of the game will be released on 25th May.

Original story:

Amazon and other online retailers are now listing upcoming Doctor Who game The Eternity Clock for a late May release.

The PlayStation exclusive was originally due March, but later delayed until April, which it then missed. The new date is currently listed as Friday 25th May.

Amazon are also now taking pre-orders with a slightly lower price of £14.97.

The game will still be digitally released on the PlayStation Store, most likely in the same week as boxed version, which would be place it Wednesday 23rd May in the UK.

As the game has already suffered from multiple delays, it’s probably best not to get your hopes up yet though!