The Doctor in Torchwood?

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The Doctor has crossed over into The Sarah Jane Adventures twice now, but could he also appear in Torchwood in future?

Posed the question at the Torchwood: Miracle Day press launch, Russell T Davies said: “No, the Doctor’s never gone into Torchwood. It’s always been the other way round, Torchwood’s gone into Doctor Who, which I think is correct because there’s a big child audience for Doctor Who and I think that would demand if we took the Doctor into Torchwood it would be a clash of styles.”

John Barrowman also added: “I think it’s hard for Doctor Who to come into Torchwood because Doctor Who is a more family-oriented show. We’re an adult show. It’s easier for Jack to go into that show because he started there but not the other way because Jack is very different in Torchwood.”

However, in Doctor Who Magazine #435, Davies did say that there are references to Doctor Who in Miracle Day and the Doctor does actually get mentioned.