2013 Specials: What We Know

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The Day of the Doctor


Written by Steven Moffat. Directed by Nick Hurran.


Note: The episode will also be released in selected cinemas:


  • 1 x 75-minute 3D episode (BBFC – 76m, 44s)


  • Matt Smith – The Eleventh Doctor
  • David Tennant – The Tenth Doctor
  • John Hurt – The (?) Doctor
  • Jenna Coleman – Clara Oswald
  • Billie Piper – Rose Tyler
  • Jemma Redgrave – Kate Stewart
  • Joanna Page – Queen Elizabeth I
  • Ingrid Oliver – Osgood
  • Ken Bones – The General
  • Orlando James – Lord Bentham
  • Marshall Griffin – TBC
  • Philip Buck – TBC
  • Ankur Sengupta – UNIT soldier/Arcadian refugee.
  • Nicholas Briggs – Voice of the Daleks

Note: OK magazine claimed Catherine Tate was returning as Donna, but this was later revealed to be a misprint.


  • The Daleks
  • The Zygons

Note: Zygon creator Robert Banks Stewart said we can expect an appearance from both the Daleks and Cybermen. Omega is another rumoured villain.


Note: The episode is filmed and will be broadcast in 3D

For filming reports:

Story Details

Story details are still pretty thin. The original hint given from Matt Smith was the word “paintings.” Later set pictures showed that the Doctor is summoned to a a very important gallery. Scenes from the Time War are thought to take place.

Moffat dropped some hints on the storyline: “Something happens to [the Doctor] that changes the way he thinks and the way he will adventure from now on… This is where the story really starts. This is where he finds his mission, he finds his destiny…. We’re not fibbing – this one is going to change the course of the series.

“In this, [the Doctor] is the story of the week. This is the day of the Doctor. This is his most important day. His most important moment. This is the one he’ll remember.”

Will any past Doctors return?

David Tennant is the only confirmed returning Doctor. Doctor Who Magazine originally reported that no classic Doctors would appear. Moffat later said: “What we’re not doing is the traditional massive reunion. It’s a different kind of anniversary, and the spine of that is David and Matt.”

A more recent rumour from the Radio Times suggests one other classic Doctor may be involved in some capacity. Peter Davison then said that he is “making an appearance somewhere” but he couldn’t say if it was in the special or not.

As for the comments from the Doctors themselves:


Christopher Eccleston

A BBC spokesperson said: “Chris met with Steven Moffat a couple of times to talk about Steven’s plans for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode. After careful thought, Chris decided not to be in the episode. He wishes the team all the best.”

Paul McGann

“The anniversary doesn’t start until November. Whatever it is that they’re planning and they are making, they’ve got time to do it. It’s my feeling [and] this is just a personal thing, once they resolve Chris Eccleston’s participation or non-participation either way, then they’re free to [figure it out]… Being actors anyway, they’ll call us on the Friday and say, ‘You’re starting on a Monday’.”

Sylvester McCoy

“All the fan bases all over the world believe that [everyone should be involved], but not the producers at the BBC.”

Colin Baker

“No [I have not been asked]. As far I know, neither of any of my erstwhile colleagues have been asked either.”

Peter Davison

“I’m making an appearance somewhere over that period of time but I can’t reveal in what. I can’t reveal anything specific about it. I’m not allowed to. It is a big year for the show and we’re all doing our bit for it. Trust me.”

Tom Baker

“I think if they ask me nicely or I can see what they want me to do, I’d consider it. I think the fans have been so good to me, they’d expect me to at least make an appearance.”

What about past companions?

Billie Piper (Rose) is now confirmed. As for the other companions:

10th-doctor-era-companions Carole Ann Ford will return as Susan Foreman according to a rumour.

Louise Jameson (Leela): “None of us knows yet what’s going on, just told to keep the days free.”

Sophie Aldred (Ace): “I’d love to. I’d drop everything. I did find out that Russell T Davies had planned for Ace [to appear in] the Sarah Jane Adventures… You never know. I’m waiting for a call.”

Noel Clarke (Mickey): “I’m sure if I was gonna be there, I’d know about it already. If they called me, then I’m sure there’d be a conversation, but I’m not calling them or chasing it.”

John Barrowman (Captain Jack): “Everyone on Twitter tries to make it like it’s my decision, but the bottom line is I was not asked. [The Powers That Be] don’t want to put Jack in it. And I know fans are really upset about it, as was I.”

Freema Agyeman (Martha): “I’m doing two things for the 50th but nothing to do with being in the drama. I got misquoted hideously once saying that there are some rumblings going on about being involved in the 50th in terms of the drama. It’s not. It’s in terms of conventions and interviews and things like that, which we’re all doing stuff to promote the 50th. We have to. It’s the ‘Doctor Who’ family and we want to.”

Karen Gillan (Amy):”Whether Arthur Darvill and I are involved, we’ll have to wait and see.”

An Adventure in Space and Time


Written by Mark Gatiss


  • November 2013 on BBC2


  • 1 x 90 minutes

Story Details

A special BBC 2 drama to mark the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. An Adventure In Space And Time will tell the story of the genesis of Doctor Who since its first broadcast on 23 November 1963. Exploring all aspects of the longest running science fiction series to date, the special one-off 90-minute drama will also look at the many personalities involved in bringing the series to life. Written by Mark Gatiss, it is executive produced by current Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat, and Caroline Skinner.


  • Began February 2013. Wrapped 1 March 2013


  • David Bradley – William Hartnell (the First Doctor)
  • Brian Cox – Sydney Newman (BBC head of drama)
  • Jessica Raine – Verity Lambert (Doctor Who’s first producer)
  • Sacha Dhawan – Waris Hussein (Doctor Who’s first director)
  • Lesley Manville – Heather Hartnell (William’s wife)
  • Reece Shearsmith – Patrick Troughton (the second Doctor)
  • Jeff Rawle – Mervyn Pinfield (Doctor Who’s associate producer)
  • Andrew Woodall – Rex Tucker (BBC producer)
  • Ian Hallard – Richard Martin (Doctor Who director)
  • Jamie Glover – William Russell (companion Ian)
  • Jemma Powell – Jacqueline Hill (companion Barbara)
  • Claudia Grant – Carole Ann Ford (the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan)
  • Sarah Winter – Delia Derbyshire (musician at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
  • William Russell – (the original Ian Chesterton) as Harry
  • Reece Pockney – Alan
  • Sophie Holt – Jackie Lane (companion Dodo)
  • Carole Ann Ford – Joyce
  • William Russell – Harry
  • Mark Gatiss – Jon Pertwee

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