The 12th Doctor Audition Scripts

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moffat-in-the-tardisIn this month’s issue of Doctor Who Magazine Steven Moffat presents three scene script extracts used for the 12th Doctor auditions.

Moffat makes it clear these scenes will never appear in the show and they are purely made up just for the auditions. He says there’s nothing to glean here about the 12th Doctor or upcoming stories.

The real challenge is to try and read these without thinking of Matt Smith saying them.

UPDATE: Doctor Who TV has removed the last two extracts at DWM’s request. Please consider buying the magazine to read them.

Scene 1 takes place in the TARDIS. The new Doctor is checking out the new body. Clara, watching. It’s been a few minutes, they’re both still adjusting.

Extract: show

Scene 2 takes place on a space ship bridge. The Doctor is facing down the Cyberleader, who stares balefully down from the screen. The bridge around the Doctor is burning, ruined.

Scene 3 features the Doctor and a little boy. They’re sitting in the little boy’s bedroom. The boy tells the Doctor when the lights out his room changes, when he touches the walls, they’re all wet like a mouth.