DWM #416: Tennant on the End

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dwm416smDAVID TENNANT gives an exclusive, in-depth interview in the BIGGEST EVER Doctor Who Magazine about his last days as the Tenth Doctor, the forthcoming Christmas Special, The End of Time, and the reasons why he’s decided to leave his dream job…

“When the Doctor decides he’s the ‘Time Lord Victorious’ [at the end of The Waters of Mars], we’re making him quite unsympathetic,” considers David.
More human, even?
“Well, it’s making him more Time Lord, actually, when you consider how they turned out.”
When we see the Doctor behaving arrogantly, selfishly or uncontrollably, it’s then that he appears more fallible, and therefore more human?
“The Time Lords were pretty fallible too,” David perseveres. “It’s hubris. It’s Greek. It needed that scale to tell the final story. It’s a tale of the gods, really… but gods who are fallible… and, I suppose, human…”

It’s the end of the world as we know it, but you’ll feel fine with DWM 416! 84 super-packed pages, out today priced £4.99!