Tennant Knows Nothing About 50th

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David Tennant was a guest on The Jonathan Ross Show last night and he was grilled about Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary for the nth time.

Despite Ross’ persistence Tennant insists that no one has spoken to him about it and claims he knows nothing.

He adds: “I’ll tell you how terrified they are. In make-up, this lovely lady from the BBC came in and she said ‘I’ve been sent to say that anything about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary must not be mentioned on television.’ That’s how scared they are! I don’t know anything and they’re sending out spies to shut me up from telling you things I don’t know!”

Hmm. See for yourself in the video below.

As an extra, here’s the segment of the recently reported Billie Piper interview from the Graham Norton show on Friday, where she claims she has not been asked.