Tennant “Giving up hope” for 50th Return

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tennant-tenth-sjaSo far this year David Tennant has been repeatedly claiming he knows nothing about coming back for Doctor Who’s 50th, but it’s often said in a not-entirely-convincing way. Now, he’s apparently beginning to lose hope.

Time Out have quoted Tennant as saying he’s “beginning to give up hope that anything’s going to happen” in regards to returning.

Now obviously he could easily be pulling our leg and/or keeping the whole thing a secret. Do we believe Tennant?

There’s nothing else on the matter with Tennant only discussing how much the show has impacted his life: “You can’t ever shrug it off. Sometimes it’s a really lovely thing – even people who don’t watch the show love the idea of it. But you can’t switch it off when you’re buying a coffee and want to get home quickly, and five kids want a photograph taken… That makes it sound like a trial, and it’s not, but you can’t choose it. It’s part of the deal and it changes the practicalities of your life.”