Teasers for Torchwood: Miracle Day Ep 2

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Digital Spy has posted 10 spoiler-lite teasers for the second episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, Rendition.

  • Oswald becomes an internet sensation with his own viral video.
  • “All it does is go bleep!”
  • Oprah Winfrey shows an interest in creepy ol’ Oswald.
  • Esther’s curiosity lands her in a lot of trouble.
  • “It’s either you or the big gay steward.”
  • Dr. Juarez has a few neat ideas regarding changes to medical procedure.
  • Lauren Ambrose makes her debut as PR guru Jilly Kitzinger, and she’s absolutely brilliant.
  • “Be careful with his coat!”
  • By episode’s end, one character is looking at things completely back to front.
  • “This is no miracle.”

And if that’s not enough, SFX has 15 more. Here’s the first 7 of them:

  • “Rendition” feels like a very different episode to its predecessor – less expansive, smaller scale, fewer locations, more intense
  • There’s not as much action as in the premiere, but more intriguing discussions about the ramifications of “Miracle Day”
  • A whole new plot element is introduced that puts a new spin on what’s happening
  • There’s an audacious – and very long – McGyver-esque scene with a twist that you’ll either embrace for its sheer chutzpah or dismiss as irredeemably silly
  • Jack’s vortex manipulator may or may not have a surprising function we’ve never seen before
  • There’s a new gimmick at the beginning that will presumably become a regular thing
  • One scene is a real head turner

You can read the rest here.

Update: Clint Hassell is back with 5 more:

  • A new opening restates the basic premise of the show (think the Amy Pond voice-over of the American Doctor Who opening credits). This quick opening is followed by a recap montage and a teaser, before the credits sequence.
  • Despite being billed as a “guest star,” someone doesn’t really make an appearance in the episode.
  • Apparently, prison food tastes like piss.
  • The awesome “I’m Welsh” line from the trailer? That’s in this episode.
  • He’s not gay; he’s diabetic.

As always, feel free to ask questions about the episode and I will respond with spoiler-lite answers!