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Vampires of Venice

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What did you think of Vampires of Venice? Continue reading

Bite Night

Vampires of Venice round-up and results of last weeks poll, with your verdict on Flesh and Stone. Continue reading

Vampires Spoiler

Vampires of Venice spoiler - something fishy is going on... Continue reading

Vampires of Venice Clips

Sink your teeth into three exciting clips from this Saturday’s episode, Vampires of Venice! Continue reading

Love at First Bite

10 new pics added to the Vampires of Venice gallery. Continue reading

Vampires of Venice Screens

60 screens caps from The Vampires of Venice 'Next Time' trailer. Continue reading

Vampires of Venice Trailer

"Pale, creepy girls who don't like sunlight...Am I thinking what I think I'm thinking?" Continue reading

The Vampires of Venice

The Doctor takes Amy to 17th-century Venice, Saturday 8th May on BBC1 Continue reading

Angels and Vampires

Pics from the Weeping Angels two-parter and Vampires in Venice. Continue reading

Alternate Trailer/Vampire Pics

Screencaps from the alternate Series 5 trailer and Vampire in Venice clip Continue reading

Vampires in Venice Clip!

Watch a clip from the sixth episode of Series 5, Vampires in Venice. Continue reading

McCrory the Venice Vamp?

Harry Potter fans rejoice. Continue reading