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The Night of the Doctor

Interview: Emma Campbell-Jones on The Night of the Doctor

Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull interviews ‘the woman who killed the Doctor’. Continue reading

Moffat: I loved writing for McGann

"...But it's time for Doctor Who to get back to what it is" Continue reading

What happened after The Night of the Doctor?

Steven Moffat on what happened after with John Hurt's War Doctor. Continue reading

The Night of the Doctor: McGann Video

Plus some behind the scenes footage from The Night of the Doctor. Continue reading

Matthew Jacobs on McGann’s Return, Spin-off & TV Movie

"The struggle of making the Doctor Who movie in the ‘90s left me with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth." Continue reading

Moffat on McGann’s Return

"He was childishly excited about it!" Continue reading

McGann’s 50th Return: Full Pic Released

He's back! Continue reading

Watch 50th Mini Episode: The Night Of The Doctor

The 50th anniversary minisode is available to watch online now! Continue reading

50th Minisode: The Night of the Doctor Pic

First image from the 50th anniversary minisode. Continue reading