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The Big Bang

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The end is nigh... Continue reading

Monsters You Didn’t See

Teraleptil, Slitheen, Cheloneon, Nestene, Dravins, Haemogoff, Zygon, Atraxi, Draconian...Where were they? Continue reading

The Pandorica Timeline?

*Spoilers for The Big Bang* How does the Pandorica end up in a museum? Continue reading

Future Doctor Spoilers?

*Potential Spoilers for The Big Bang* Has the future Doctor speculation been right all along? Continue reading

Clip: The Big Bang

Watch the first clip from The Big Bang! Continue reading

Smith Teases Finale

Video: Matt Smith teases the Series 5 finale (spoiler-lite). Continue reading

The Big Bang Spoilers

Some spoilers (and a bit of speculation) for the Series Five finale, The Big Bang. Continue reading

Look Who’s Back!

Major spoilers for the finale. Do not click if you want to remain unspoiled! Continue reading

The Big Bang

Saturday at 6.05pm on BBC1, the only hope for all reality is a little girl who still believes in stars... Continue reading

Series 5 Finale Spoilers

Big spoilers for the final episodes of Series 5. Read at your own risk! Continue reading