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The Angels Take Manhattan

The Angels Take Manhattan New Details

New plot details on the fifth episode of Series 7. Continue reading

DWM #452: Cubes & Angels

Two collectable covers for issue 452 of Doctor Who Magazine. Continue reading

The Angels Take Manhattan Synopsis

The official Doctor Who synopsis for the fifth episode Series 7. Continue reading

Smith Slips Pond Exit Spoiler?

And who Smith thinks would make a good female Doctor. Continue reading

Moffat Teases Pond Exit and Oswin

Steven Moffat teases the new companion and how the Ponds' exit will impact the Doctor. Continue reading

Your Most Anticipated Series 7 Story Is…

The results of last week's post to find out your most anticipated Series 7 story. Continue reading

Doctor Who Insider: “Farewell to the Ponds”

Video feature looking at the upcoming departure of Amy & Rory. Continue reading

New Series 7 Posters

UPDATE: High res versions added. Continue reading

Moffat Previews Series 7 in Radio Times

Steven Moffat previews Series 7 Part 1 in the new issue of Radio Times. Continue reading

Series 7 Part 1 Episode Hints & Details

Some new details and pics for the first five episodes of Series 7. Continue reading

BBCA Series 7 Trailer Breakdown

Analysing the latest Series 7 trailer from BBC America. Continue reading

Moffat on The Weeping Angels

Moffat talks about where the idea behind the Weeping Angels came from Continue reading

Moffat on the Ponds’ “Difficult” Exit

And the new companion. Continue reading

Series 7: Episode 4 & 5 Titles Confirmed

The remaining titles revealed for the first half. Continue reading

Guess What’s a Weeping Angel in Series 7

The picture may be a clue. Continue reading