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Silence Will Fall

Tracking The Silence

In preparation of the finale, a look back over Series 5's "Silence Will Fall" story arc. Continue reading

Death of the TARDIS?

Updates on the 'Silence will Fall' story arc, with a closer look at Cold Blood. Continue reading

Back to the Future

What's really going on with future Amy and Rory? A closer look at The Hungry Earth. Continue reading

Running from Silence

Updates on the "Silence will fall" story arc with a closer look at The Vampires of Venice. Continue reading

Opening Pandorica

What are the cracks? Who did River Song murder? A Doctor from the future? A closer look at Flesh and Stone. Continue reading

Doctor Cracks It? (Update)

Will the mysterious cracks in the universe be solved in Flesh and Stone? Continue reading

Cracks in Time

More cracks in the universe. And why can't Amy remember the Daleks? Continue reading

The Universe is Cracked

The universe is cracked and it's almost impossible to miss. Continue reading

Silence will Fall Speculation

*Eleventh Hour Spoilers* Let the speculation begin... Continue reading