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Silence Will Fall

Tick tock goes the clock

UPDATED: Listen to the Night Terrors nursery rhyme containing a warning for the Doctor. Continue reading

Let’s Kill Hitler Hidden Clue?

Were The Silence in Let's Kill Hitler after all? Continue reading

The Oldest Question in the Universe

What's the oldest question in the universe? Continue reading

‘Eye Patch Lady’ Appearances

A compilation of all the 'Eye Patch Lady' appearances. Continue reading

Impossible Astronaut Hidden Clue?

Is there a hidden clue in The Impossible Astronaut? Continue reading

The Forest and River

Speculation: "The only water in the forest is the river." Continue reading

A Closer Look at the Series 6 Arc

Doctor Who TV guest writer Michael Clark takes a look at the Series 6 mysteries. Continue reading

Who is ‘Eye Patch Lady’?

Eye spy with my little eye... Continue reading

Series 6 Opener Recap

Looking back at the first two episodes of Series 6. Continue reading

Monsters are real

Or are they? Continue reading

Series 6 Primer: The Silence

Taking a look back at Series 5 and The Silence. Continue reading

The Silence vs the Daleks

Matt Smith thinks The Silence will beat the Daleks. Continue reading

Doctor Who: Series 6 Silence Hints

May contain spoilers: Interesting new Series 6 hints on The Silence... Continue reading

Moffat talks Xmas, River and Silence

Moffat drops some interesting hints on the 2010 Christmas Special, River Song and The Silence. Continue reading

Series 6 Hints

Steven Moffat gives some hints on Series 6: "The whole point of the Silence is the next series." Continue reading