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Closing Time

First Look at Closing Time

UPDATED: First look at the episode 12, Closing Time! Continue reading

Doctor Who: Series 6 Part 2 Preview

(Updated) May contain spoilers: Taking a look at what's coming up in the remaining episodes of Series 6. Continue reading

Doctor Who: Episode 12 is Closing Time

The Daily Star were right. Continue reading

Series 6 Part 2 BBC Plot Summary

A plot summary from Steven Moffat. Continue reading

New BBC America Series 6 Part 2 Trailer

New 30 second trailer featuring new clips. Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 2 Plot Details

New story details for the second half of Series 6. Continue reading

Series 6 Episode 12 Title?

Has Matt Smith revealed the title of the penultimate episode of Series 6? Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 6: Part 2 DVD

Provisional artwork for the Series 6: Part 2 DVD. Continue reading

First Look at Series 6 Part 2

(Updated) First look at a couple of new scenes from the second half of Doctor Who Series 6! Continue reading

Another Lodger Returns

Contains spoilers: Another returning character spotted during Series 6 filming. Continue reading

Sorry River, It’s Back

Contains spoilers: Has the Doctor got away with it this time? Continue reading

Friends Reunited

More spoilers from Episode 12 filming. Continue reading

It’s Cyber-Matt

Contains spoilers: new details on episode 12 with a surprise returning foe. Continue reading

11th Doctor’s New Look

Contains spoilers: the 11th Doctor gets a new look for Series 6. Continue reading

Little Shop of Horrors

A few filming snippets from Gareth Roberts Series 6 episode. Continue reading