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The Girl Who Waited

The Girl Who Waited Story Details

Exciting new plot details revealed. Continue reading

Series 6: Part 2 Episode Pics

May contain spoilers: Promotional pictures for episodes 9-11. Continue reading

Series 6 Part 2 BBC Plot Summary

A plot summary from Steven Moffat. Continue reading

New BBC America Series 6 Part 2 Trailer

New 30 second trailer featuring new clips. Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 2 Plot Details

New story details for the second half of Series 6. Continue reading

Robots, River and the Doctor’s Death

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan talk the Tessalecta, the Doctor's Death, River and more. Continue reading

More on The Girl Who Waited

More tidbits on The Girl Who Waited, episode 10 of Doctor Who Series 6. Continue reading

MacRae’s The Girl Who Waited Hints

Biggles, doors without walls and red waterfalls. Continue reading

Series 6 Comic Con Trailer Breakdown

Analysis of the Comic Con 2011 Series 6 trailer. Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited

Episode 10 finally titled. Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 6: Part 2 DVD

Provisional artwork for the Series 6: Part 2 DVD. Continue reading

First Look at Series 6 Part 2

(Updated) First look at a couple of new scenes from the second half of Doctor Who Series 6! Continue reading

MacRae on “Unusual” Episode 10

Writer Tom MacRae talks about episode 10 of Doctor Who Series 6. Continue reading