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Series 6

2011 In Review: Doctor Who

Clint Hassell takes look back at Series 6 of Doctor Who. Continue reading

Night and The Doctor Clip

A sneak preview of Bad Night. Continue reading

Top 10 Series 6 Part 2 Moments

Your favourite moments from Series 6 Part 2. Continue reading

River and the Doctor’s Timelines Update

River Song and the Doctor's personal timelines mapped out. Continue reading

Series 6 Soundtrack Dated

Doctor Who Series 6 soundtrack dated for December release. Continue reading

Poll: Your favourite Series 6 Pt 2 Moments

Vote for your favourite moments from Series 6 Part 2. Continue reading

Night and The Doctor Details

Story details on the newly filmed mini-episodes on the Series 6 box set. Continue reading

Poll Results: The Series 6 Changes

Results of last week's poll. Continue reading

Series 6 Finale Behind the Scenes Extras

Bonus behind the scenes on The Wedding of River Song. Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 6 Ratings Accumulator

UPDATED for Part 2: Finalised TV ratings for Doctor Who Series 6. Continue reading

Poll: Did Series 6 Changes Work?

You decide if the format changes to Series 6 worked. Continue reading

The Series 6 Finale Verdict

Your verdict on the The Wedding of River Song. Plus, the highest to lowest ranked of the series. Continue reading

Series 6 The Missing Scenes

Too naughty for TV. Continue reading

Your Favourite Series 6 Moments Part 2

Nominate your favourite moments from the second half of Series 6. Continue reading

River Song Timeline Series 4-6

River's timeline in video. Continue reading