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Series 5

Clip: The Pandorica Opens

Watch an incredible new clip from The Pandorica Opens! Continue reading

Pandorica Secrets Revealed?

Have the secrets contained within the Pandorica been revealed? Continue reading

New Pandorica Pics

New pics from The Pandorica Opens. Also including screen caps from the trailer. Continue reading

The Pandorica Opens Trailer (Update)

"There was a Goblin. Or a trickster, or a warrior. Soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being in all the cosmos!" Continue reading

Rate The Lodger

What did you think of The Lodger? Continue reading

Who’s Coming Home

It’s not just England who will be playing an important game of football later today. In tonight’s episode of Doctor Who, the Doctor himself will put his footy skills to the test in an attempt to pass himself off as… Continue reading

More on The Lodger

More details and an interesting pic from episode 11, The Lodger. Continue reading

The Big Bang

Saturday at 6.05pm on BBC1, the only hope for all reality is a little girl who still believes in stars... Continue reading

The Lodger Clips

Watch four exciting new clips from The Lodger. Continue reading

Davies on Torchwood Series 4 and Who

Video: Russell T Davies talks about Torchwood Series 4 and gives his thoughts on Moffat's Doctor Who. Continue reading

The Lodger Pics

New pics from The Lodger, including screen caps from 'Next Time' trailer. Continue reading

Series 5: Volume 1 DVD

You can start your Series 5 collection today with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan’s first few adventures now on DVD and Blu-ray! (Note: the cover art has changed since we last reported on it)

Volume 1 contains the… Continue reading

Vincent’s Chances

Using licenced music in Doctor Who. Continue reading

The Lodger Trailer

"Well that's good because I'm your new Lodger". Continue reading

Rate Vincent and the Doctor

What did you think of Vincent and the Doctor? Continue reading