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River Song

River and the Doctor’s Timelines Update

River Song and the Doctor's personal timelines mapped out. Continue reading

River Song Timeline Series 4-6

River's timeline in video. Continue reading

Poll: Who do you think River is?

One last time to have your say on who you think River Song is. Continue reading

The Forest and River

Speculation: "The only water in the forest is the river." Continue reading

River and the Doctor’s Timelines

River Song and the Doctor's timelines mapped out. Continue reading

River Song is…

(Update #2) Contains spoilers: Has the identity of River Song been revealed? Continue reading

Moffat’s Tweet-y Teasers

Steven Moffat gives a couple of intriguing responses on Twitter. Continue reading

River’s Revelation Date

May contain spoilers: River's identity to be revealed in the Spring 2011 cliffhanger? Continue reading

First look: River Song in Series 6

May contain spoilers! First look at River Song back in action in Series 6 of Doctor Who. Continue reading

Moffat talks Xmas, River and Silence

Moffat drops some interesting hints on the 2010 Christmas Special, River Song and The Silence. Continue reading

River’s End?

Potential Series 6 spoilers - A Doctor Who shock in store for River Song? Continue reading

Who is River Song?

Guest writer Gabriel Lucas Green takes a look at one of Doctor Who’s most intriguing characters and speculates just who she really is. Continue reading

Opening Pandorica

What are the cracks? Who did River Song murder? A Doctor from the future? A closer look at Flesh and Stone. Continue reading