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Matt Smith: I’ll happily come back

"Doctors in the same room is just magic isn't it!" Continue reading

Barrowman on Jack’s Future: There’s a lot more to tell

John Barrowman is still wondering how Jack becomes the Face of Boe and his missing memories. Continue reading

Tom Baker Reunion with Sarah Jane Was Planned

Tom Baker says he almost appeared on The Sarah Jane Adventures. Continue reading

Tom Baker Would Consider Returning Again

UPDATED: "I would think about that, yes." Continue reading

Smith: The best storytelling was in Series 5

"It was the one I connected with most." Continue reading

Cumberbatch Rules Out Doctor Who Role

“I'm never gonna play the Doctor." Continue reading

Moffat Explains Doctor’s Timey Tomb

And why the Doctor can't rescue Amy and Rory. Continue reading

Sean Pertwee: My father was very fond of Capaldi

"I'm delighted he's doing it." Continue reading

McGann Thinks Capaldi Could Be Best Doctor Yet

"It's good that they made that decision to get away from some young, handsome guy." Continue reading

McGann Would Return Again

"If the same thing were to happen again why wouldn't I want to do it?" Continue reading

Moffat: Remaking Doctor Who would be Insane

"You couldn't have more than one Doctor Who in the world." Continue reading

Gillan on saying Goodnight to her Raggedy Man

"I keep imagining that scene but with both of us bald!" Continue reading

Matt Smith’s Heartwarming Gesture For ill Fan

Matt records a special video message for an ill fan. Continue reading

Gillan on Moffat Female Character Criticisms

"I don't really understand that if I've got to be honest." Continue reading

Interview: Emma Campbell-Jones on The Night of the Doctor

Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull interviews ‘the woman who killed the Doctor’. Continue reading