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Moffat: Remaking Doctor Who would be Insane

"You couldn't have more than one Doctor Who in the world." Continue reading

Gillan on saying Goodnight to her Raggedy Man

"I keep imagining that scene but with both of us bald!" Continue reading

Matt Smith’s Heartwarming Gesture For ill Fan

Matt records a special video message for an ill fan. Continue reading

Gillan on Moffat Female Character Criticisms

"I don't really understand that if I've got to be honest." Continue reading

Interview: Emma Campbell-Jones on The Night of the Doctor

Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull interviews ‘the woman who killed the Doctor’. Continue reading

Matt Smith Doesn’t Want to see River with Capaldi

"Don't give him River!" Continue reading

Richard Madden Hinting at Who Role?

Former Game of Thrones star says he is a fan of the show. Continue reading

Martin Freeman on Doctor Who Role

John Watson himself, Martin Freeman on whether he'll appear in Doctor Who. Continue reading

Moffat on Plot Hole Criticisms

“Sometimes you expect the audience to put two and two together for themselves." Continue reading

Peter Jackson Directed Episode Under Discussion

The Hobbit director hopeful for New Zealand set Doctor Who story. Continue reading

Gaiman on Doctor Numbering

Writer Neil Gaiman shares his opinion on the Doctor numbering. Continue reading

Ben Daniels Was Considered for 12th Doctor

"It was more than rumour. I was approached and asked if it was something I'd be interested in doing." Continue reading

Tate Would Be Happy For Donna Return

Catherine Tate: "I would be more than happy." Continue reading

Moffat: Doctor Who is the show you can’t kill

"We could all drop dead tomorrow, all of us who work in Doctor Who, and they’d just carry on making it." Continue reading

Interview: Daphne Ashbrook talks TV Movie & 50th

Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull interviews Daphne Ashbrook who played Eighth Doctor companion Grace Holloway. Continue reading