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Moffat: Doctor Who is the show you can’t kill

"We could all drop dead tomorrow, all of us who work in Doctor Who, and they’d just carry on making it." Continue reading

Interview: Daphne Ashbrook talks TV Movie & 50th

Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull interviews Daphne Ashbrook who played Eighth Doctor companion Grace Holloway. Continue reading

Peter Jackson Needs a TARDIS (And a Dalek)

The director of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit won't have time for Who for a while. Continue reading

Barrowman talks Jack & River Spin-off

John Barrowman speaks about his idea for a new spin-off featuring Jack and River. Continue reading

Tovey & Gorman Rule out 12th Doctor

Russell Tovey: "It would be an incredible job to do, but don't bet on me." Continue reading

Rory Kinnear Denies Doctor Who Rumours

"It's a programme I've never watched." Continue reading

Craig Charles Interested in Who Role

Red Dwarf star Craig Charles interested in becoming next Doctor. Continue reading

Interview: Dan Starkey on Strax Future, Spin-off

Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull chats with Dan Starkey to discuss his role as the Sontaran Strax and more. Continue reading

Alex Kingston on Matt’s Departure & 12th Doctor Rumours

Alex Kingston talks about Matt Smith's departure and female Doctor rumours. Continue reading

Bond, Doctor Bond

Roger Moore angles for Doctor Who role. Continue reading

Simm: “I’m not the Master… Leave me alone!”

UPDATED: John Simm wants Doctor Who fans to stop pestering him. Continue reading

Cribbins Would Love Wilf to Return

Bernard Cribbins won't be back for 50th, but he would still love to reprise the role of Wilfred. Continue reading

Barrowman on Why Jack is The Face of Boe

John Barrowman: "I've never had any doubt. Yes, Jack becomes the Face of Boe." Continue reading

Pulver Interested in Female Doctor Role

"I would definitely talk to Steven Moffat about it" Continue reading

Tovey Could Have Been the Eleventh Doctor

Allonsy Alonso! Continue reading