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McGann Signed Petition for 8th Doctor Spin-off

"I'm warmed up now." Continue reading

Moffat Clarifies “Ugly Doctors” Comments

"I wonder if I’m just making everybody cross all the time." Continue reading

Doctor Who Could Have Ended With Tennant

Moffat: "The idea that Doctor Who could go on at all in the absence of David was a huge question." Continue reading

Campbell-Jones Wants McGann Spin-Off

Cass from The Night of the Doctor would do it "in a heartbeat." Continue reading

Peter De Jersey Hopeful for Gallifrey Return

Androgar in The Day of the Doctor hoping to come back. Continue reading

Smith on 50th Classic Doctor Criticisms

"They got Tom Baker in!" Continue reading

Smith Eager for Another Multi-Doctor Story

"I spoke to Steven the other day and said "what's the quickest one we can do?" Continue reading

Moffat: Day Was My Most Difficult Script Ever

"I wanted people – from those who had never seen it, to the absolute diehard fans who hate every episode I’ve written – to love it." Continue reading

Moffat: Handsome Actors don’t suit the Doctor

UPDATE: Plus Moffat says the flirting is over. Continue reading

Smith Jealous of Capaldi

"I rang Steven Moffat up the other day and found out everything..." Continue reading

RTD: Fans Can’t Ignore “Half-Human” Doctor

"Everything in that story says he was half human, so you can't not count it." Continue reading

Moffat on Why Hurt to Eccleston Regeneration Was So Short

And why it was cut short of showing Eccleston's full face. Continue reading

RTD on Doctor Who Becoming “Too Soapy”

"What a load of fuss about nonsense!" Continue reading

Piper Up for Rose/Meta-Crisis Ten Spin-Off

Plus her thoughts on playing the Moment rather than Rose Tyler. Continue reading

Suranne Jones on Bringing Idris Back

Suranne Jones would like to see Idris to have an adventure with Capaldi. Continue reading