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A Hint on Jenna Coleman’s Future?

Jenna Coleman interview possibly offers a hint on her future. Continue reading

Moffat on His Series 8 Worries

"Each time you make a big shift, which we did this year, then you're properly worried." Continue reading

Capaldi Didn’t Want Twelve to Be Likeable

"I don’t want them to like me!" Continue reading

Capaldi Doesn’t Plan to Regenerate “For a While”

"I get to run up and down corridors, escape through ventilation shafts and fight Daleks." Continue reading

Capaldi Turned Down 8th Doctor Audition

"I just didn’t want to have the disappointment." Continue reading

Capaldi Hoping for New TARDIS

"Roundels. I like the old Sixties roundels." Continue reading

Moffat: Daleks Are Not A Contractual Obligation

"For a child, a year between Dalek stories is an eternity" Continue reading

Moffat Mulls Future Companion Not Being Another Earth Girl

"Wait and see." Continue reading

Moffat: Making Doctor Who Doesn’t Get Any Easier

"I feel genuinely as inadequate and amateurish today as I felt on my first day." Continue reading

Piper Praises Capaldi, Unsure on Another Return

"I think at some point I have to put the lid on it. I’ve been back, like, four times..." Continue reading

Downey Jr on Who Role: “Anything’s possible”

The Iron Man and Avengers star praises the show as "incredible." Continue reading

Capaldi on Graham Norton This Friday

Reminder: Capaldi on the The Graham Norton Show at 10.35pm. Continue reading

Ben Miller Would Love To Play the Doctor

"Anyone who said no would either be lying or mad." Continue reading

Horowitz on Showrunner Rumours

Anthony Horowitz has responded to rumours that he will be replacing Steven Moffat. Continue reading

Interview: Billy Hanshaw on Series 8’s Title Sequence

Connor Johnston sits down with Billy Hanshaw, the designer behind Series 8’s new title sequence. Continue reading