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Yes, I’m a Whovian, but I’m one of the nice ones

Guest contributor Alex Lawrence looks at the current state of fandom. Continue reading

On First View: Battlefield

Guest contributor Antti Björklund concludes the series offering a first time view on a Classic story. Continue reading

Comparing the Different Arcs of the Revival

Guest contributor Holly Illis examines the arcs from each era of New Who. Continue reading

Is it time for Davros to return?

Guest contributor Ben Wells on bringing back the Daleks' creator. Continue reading

Clara Oswald – A Question of Perspective

Guest contributor Tania Vorovenci finds that Clara is so much more than just 'The Impossible Girl'. Continue reading

Why Bringing Back Gallifrey is Wrong

Guest contributor Ivy McNab is against restoring the Doctor's home planet. Continue reading

Trenzalore – What happened next?

Guest contributor Greg House offers a theory. Continue reading

The Sixth Doctor: Five Favourites

K-Ci Williams picks out five favourites from Colin Baker's era. Continue reading

The 6th Doctor: What Worked & What Didn’t

Guest contributor Elliot Durwood examines the difficult Doctor. Continue reading

What if… Tennant had stayed for Series 5?

Guest contributor Nick Anderson looks into what might have been. Continue reading

On First View: Revelation of the Daleks

Guest contributor Antti Björklund continues the series offering a first time view on a Classic story. Continue reading

The End of Time: Why it Needs More Love

Guest contributor Andrew Gledhill-Carr on Tennant's divisive swan song. Continue reading

Two Hearts: Better than One?

Mark McCullough gets to the heart(s) of the Doctor's alien biology. Continue reading

Bring Back… Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter

Guest contributor Liam Catterson on why the original Jenny should return. Continue reading

Dear Whovians…

An open letter. Continue reading